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There are two components to our pricing structure.

Firstly, a Consulting fee applies for determining your needs, customising
your app, database and preparing reports, forms and templates for your use.
The Consulting fee depends upon the complexity of the tasks, and number of
reports required, for sole operator businesses is between $2,500 and $3,000.

Secondly, a Subscription fee applies which is paid per month. The price depends
on the numbers of monthly inspections, starting from $55 per month, for up to 25 inspections (or $2 per inspection).

Try the calculator now Sounds Affordable? It is!

If you charge $100 per hour and you do 10 inspections a week, and you save 1 hour per inspection by using inspection apps, you will save $52,000 per year.

Or, if you employ a typist, you might save a full annual wage by using Inspection Apps.

Try completing this calculator to determine just how
much you will save in time and cost by using Inspection

 Try the calculator now...

The Benefits To You

Price, savings and productivity gains are important financial considerations, but also consider these benefits:

Being able to issue reports to your customers within minutes (rather than hours or
days), will give you satisfied customers and competitive advantage.

Issuing Professional looking reports equals satisfied customers and competitive

Having systems that ensure that all of your inspections and reports are Quality
Assured will give you satisfied customers and competitive advantage.

Having more time due to reduced reporting/administration, means that you have
your nights and weekends back, or you can do more inspections.

With Inspection Apps, you control the Checklist Questions for all of your field staff,
which introduces Quality Assurance. Stand-alone apps allow the questions to be
changed by each user.

With Inspection Apps, any report layout and format can be created to match your
style, rather than relying on what a stand-alone app provides.

With Inspection Apps, a permanent record of all of your inspections is stored on your
database that only you have access too.

Your database can be modified to provide "Management reports", and other features like
"Automatic invoicing", "Automatic quoting", "Multiple job types" and "Any number of users".
Stand alone apps cant do that.

All of this means more income in your pocket for less work.

Inspection Apps, Making Workflow Easier!

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